Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 4 - Keep it in Your Pants

As mentioned in my previous blogs, college students are huge targets, especially with theft. College students are very vulnerable, especially when they go out, and often fall victim to crimes from criminals or even their peers. So how does one avoid being mugged and keep their valuables in their pants? With an advancement in technology, plus just using common sense, you can lower your chances of becoming a victim.

A new mobile app was released recently that will cut down what you have to carry in your pockets, known as Google Wallet. Using NFC Technology (Near Field Communication), you can enter your credit card information into the app so when you pay for something you just enter a pin, hold your phone to the sensor, and then you're done. Combine this with a phone case that can hold your ID card, and you will only need one thing on you when you go out. This way girls won't have a need to carry purses with them and both girls and guys can keep just their phone with their ID and Goggle Wallet in their front pocket which greatly reduces the risk of becoming a victim of "pick-pocketing."

Google Wallet is currently only available for the Nexus S 4G from Sprint because it has the NFC chip where the encrypted data is stored on. This is an up and coming product so there is still work to be done on it, especially with security. People question how secure this will be and if people could easily scan your phone with some device when they walk by. It is actually more secure than it seems, more secure than RFID and Bluetooth. The two biggest security features in Google Wallet are the pin code you have to enter whenever you want to make a transaction and in order for the sensor to pick up on the NFC chip the phone must be within 4 centimeters of it. Remember when you go out to only take the things you need and not to keep your things out in the open or unattended so someone can easily take it.

Happy Partying!

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  1. This blog is very funny and interesting. The name for the business is very catchy. I feel college students would definitely read this blog. I really like how you give real life instances to show how technology can help further your entrepreneurial idea. The post I liked the most was from week 4. This Google technology would be very helpful when it comes to college students being victims of crime.

  2. Definitely thought this blog would pertain to something else upon reading the title, but great idea! Thinking about it, we really do seem to take with us a lot of stuff, and to be able to confine it all to being stored on a phone would be ideal. It is obviously still a ways away, but when the future arrives, this seems like the technology that will be leading the way in pocket innovation.