Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 6 - Professional Blogger Review

Being a new blogger, I do not know exactly what does and doesn't work in order for my blog to be successful so I did some looking around and checked out what successful bloggers are doing right and how I can apply those to my own blog. One blog that stuck out to me was The College Crush, a how-to site on surviving college relationships and give advice. The first thing i noticed when I opened the site was its style, layout, and all of the pictures. The site has a sort of vintage and handmade kind of feel that is carried through every page, article, and picture. This is a great choice and done really well as it appeals to the people that they are trying to attract as their audience. They have branded themselves with this style and made an appropriate logo to go with it. A couple ways I could incorporate what I observed on this site was the use of images. Im trying to to attract college students and if there is one thing these students don't like its reading endlessly for homework so when they take breaks, they don't want to do more reading. What draws them into the articles on  The College Crush site are the interesting and artistic pictures that depict in a way what the article is about. When they see a picture they like, they select the picture and read that article because it appeals to them. Another way I could improve my blog is if I branded the site, and Momma herself, more by working on a logo, creating a final theme and design for the site, and put the site out there by reaching out to my target audience through social media and just spreading the word around of Momma and her advice. Thanks College Crush and great site!

-Momma's Little Helper

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