Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 8 - Blog Project Summary

This concludes my 8 Week IST 195 Entrepreneurship Project, but this is not the end of Momma or Mom's Hangover Helper. When first assigned the project, I had no idea what to do, but knew I had to come up with something. Later that night, I was passing time on the internet looking at sites like FML and Texts From Last Night, and thought to myself, "What if there was someone or somewhere these people could go to for advice. It was at that moment I knew I had my idea and knew I would want to carry this project on well past the 8 weeks.

At first, the project was somewhat easy in relating my site to the information learned in lecture, like social media. However, as we moved farther into more technical and  hardware-oriented subjects, it became harder to relate helping college students with things like domain names and bytes/bits. I managed to do so and actually enjoyed the challenge because it expanded my thinking and thought of different ways to use this technology that could benefit my target audience as well as myself.

From here, I plan on expanding Mom's Hangover Helper and working on reaching out to the public, mainly college students. In order for Mom's Hangover Helper to take off, we need to gather followers and get people to send in their questions to Momma or tweet @MommaWontTell. From there, the site can continue to grow and be the next great site, like FML, where people can go to read some funny stories but at the same time, offer more because personal advice is given for each story. There is also a chance for the readers to give their own advice by commenting on the posts.

Now, Momma needs your help to get this site going! Email and tweet to Momma with your stories and questions and have your friends do the same. Everything remains anonymous and the reader is anonymous. What you tell Momma, stays with momma because @MommaWontTell.

Happy Partying!
Momma's Little Helper

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